Hip Waders

DAN'S FROGLEGS: The Outdoorsman's Ultimate Ally

Born from American Soil: Every stitch, every seam, every layer—crafted right here in the USA. A testament to quality that endures forests, swamps, and time itself.

Wade with Confidence: Marshes, streams, or deep water terrains—nothing holds you back. With our unbeatable 100% waterproofing, dive into nature's challenges knowing you'll emerge dry and triumphant.

Step with Purpose: It's not just about keeping dry; it's about moving comfortably. With a flawless fusion with your choice of boots, your every stride is assured and agile.

Equip Yourself with the Best:

  • Dan's Five Star Chap: Our lightweight champion—crafted from nylon that's deceptively robust. Engineered for agility, yet providing formidable protection against briars, thorns, and dense brush.
  • Dan's Snake Protector Chap: When the danger slithers, you're shielded. A heavyweight guard against snake bites. But remember, respect for nature is our true defense.
  • Dan's Cordura Brush Buster Chap: The wild's challenges meet their match. With 1000 denier Cordura toughness, brambles and rough terrains are just part of the adventure.

For the hunter, the explorer, the relentless adventurer—Dan's Froglegs isn't just equipment, it's an extension of you. Step into nature, step with confidence.