Big Dog Micro Alpha Light (Bump Cap)

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****Introducing the Ultralite Weight Micro Alpha!!!****


The Micro Alpha is a ultralite weight caplight designed for those who want the lightest caplight possible! This light packs quite a punch for it's size! The projected light is more of a flood than a spot. It comes with 3 settings of bright flooded white light, and 2 settings of flooded red! Weighing in at a mere 11 ounces, making it a great choice for youth hunters or those who want the lightest light possible, and don't mind carrying a spotlight.  This light is also the perfect light for the summer months when a super bright light isn't going to help find a coon with the leaves still on the trees.


This light is worn by some of the hardest hunters on our pro-staff!!!  Don't let its small size fool you!