Competition Pack w/ Thermal Pouch

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Introducing Dan's Hunting Gear Competition Pack w/Thermal Monocular Pocket!

When you're in the thick of the hunt, there's no room for compromise. That's why we're proud to present the ultimate hunting accessory, built right here in the USA by the renowned Dan's Hunting Gear. This is more than just a pack; it's the essential gear of champions.

Unleashing the full potential of the Competition Pack w/Thermal Monocular Pocket begins with its incredible array of practical features. Embedded in the design are dedicated spaces for all the tools of the trade. The specialized Garmin handheld pocket keeps your GPS within reach, ensuring you never lose track of your path or your prey.

The pack features two 8x8'' zipper pockets for secure, spacious storage, accommodating all your necessities. Your scorecard will always be handy in the chest scorecard pocket, while the pen and pencil holders ensure your writing tools are just where you need them.

Do you use squallers? The pack caters to you with two dedicated squaller holders for easy access. It also features two D-rings to tie off lanyards, keeping your hands free for the thrill of the chase.

But what sets this pack apart is the thermal imaging monocular pocket. No need to fumble around for your critical gear; this pocket is designed to hold your monocular, ready at a moment's notice.

Crafted from 400 Denier Nylon front, the Competition Pack is designed for durability, reliability, and the grit of the outdoors. Yet, comfort is not compromised, thanks to adjustable nylon straps that conform to your body, keeping the pack firmly in place on your chest.

Whether you're a competition raccoon hunter or a rabbit hunter, this pack is your secret weapon. Tailored to the demands of hunting enthusiasts, it enables seamless, effortless coordination of your hunting essentials. The Competition Pack w/Thermal Monocular Pocket encapsulates functionality, convenience, and style, proving once and for all that Dan's Hunting Gear is where resilience meets sophistication.

So gear up for success with Dan's Hunting Gear Competition Pack w/Thermal Monocular Pocket. The hunt is on!

Don't settle for less. Embrace the gear that champions choose. Bring home the ultimate hunting accessory today!